About Myco-Ethos Mycology

Myco (n. Greek) ― Fungi, that which relates to fungi, mushrooms, and fungus
Ethos (n. Greek) ― Character, fundamental values, or the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology.

Myco-Ethos got its start in Olympia, Washington at The Evergreen State College through the Change Maker Program and the Organic Agriculture Program. We are inspired by Mycouprrhizal, Radical Mycology, Mycologos, Mushroom Mountain and Fungi Perfecti. These organizations and companies provide excellent examples of what we strive to network and create. We have modeled our business off of our previous partners' and mentors' successes. We follow Team-Entrepreneurship principals and look to work with anyone who wants to help make a change to help better the world. We take the lessons learned at Evergreen forward in fulfilling our mission, values, and vision.

Currently we are located in Northern Chicagoland. We are just getting our start growing gourmet exotic oyster mushrooms for people and businesses, and are open to working with the the community in advancing mycological projects. We are also open to collaborating with other companies, organizations, and small businesses near and far. We are attempting to create and slowly building a global mycological network.

The manifestation of Myco-Ethos has taken years to develop and come to life. We do not claim to be experts as we are still learning so much everyday. This website, as with Myco-Ethos, is far from being complete; there is no specific end-goal, as there are always ways to improve, change, and strive for better. Myco-Ethos is a citizen of the planet, looking to create a better world for all people through our actions and commitments. We strive to create transparent relationships with people to help them understand what we do with fungi, what fungi are, and the endless possibilities people can create with fungi. Thank you for your interest in what we do!

Myco-Ethos is a business inspired by the Myco-Logos Project and the Radical Mycology community. We are not officially affiliated with the Myco-Logos project, nor the Radical Mycology project in any official way. However, we are connected to our friends through our mission and belief in a more "myco-literate" society/world, to create a national/global "Myco-Culture" and our desire to spread regenerative agriculture practices. Thank you to all who are participating in this work.

Our Mission

Myco-Ethos produces local exotic mushroom products and will eventually offer knowledge of fungi and regenerative agricultural. We want to help people and build community by enabling people access to quality education and information to advance appropriate scale mycology and regenerative agricultural projects. Water is life, clean food is life, healthy environment is life, and healthy social participation is life. We hope our mission inspires you to help propagate health throughout your life.

Our Values

Spreading the Value of Compassion and Community

Using our actions and commitments, our goal is to create a more inclusive and compassionate society. Our core value is compassion and the ability to understand and work with our differences as humans. Our over-arching objective is to help manifest a healthier world, a more inclusive society, and to help cultivate and vitalize the collective human ethos. We hope you will consider participating (through active participation, purchases, financial support, or sharing our goals with others) in our grass roots effort.

Building Community through Mycology and Regenerative Agriculture

We strive to create opportunities for people. To give people the opportunity to grow their own food, gardens, and help people take responsibility for their communal environment is our goal. Our goal is to help communities achieve greater independence through employing regenerative agricultural and regenerative mycological techniques and technologies.

Making Available the Best Information Possible for the Betterment of our Earth and Society

Courses and curriculum currently under development - Coming soon! As educators, we strive to create interdisciplinary programs which are designed to provide the best, well rounded and applicable information possible to our course participants. Utilizing seminar format, and the learning community format, we encourage people to learn through study, application, community/communication and reflection. Our vision is to create a full catalog of courses to offer to the public which are affordable and accessible. Our courses will have both an online and in-person component. We believe that information is a human right, and that it is up to the individual/community to take greater action steps. With our education, we offer follow up programs, and we are always open to discussions surrounding future education. All of our course offerings are designed to present what we believe is an in-depth, objective, and approachable understanding to the deep and infinite world of fungi.

Our Vision

The Myco-Ethos start-up is inspired by a regenerative vision for the future, a future where all of humanity can breathe clean air, drink clean water, responsibly access/create the resources we need, where we can enjoy fresh, local, nutrient-dense food, and learn how to be one with our Earth with compassion towards all the people and creatures who call planet earth home. We are hoping to create a place where the spirit of regenerative agriculture/mycology can be maintained, taught, and experienced.

Our vision is to grow our business organically, step by step. We are a small network of individuals working towards a greater world vision, and we are hoping to create a global presence in the years to come. We envision helping create, and plugging into an existing, national/global network of people who want to grow fungi and do regenerative agricultural work. We envision spreading the works of Peter McCoy, Paul Stamets, Tradd Cotter, Matt Powers, Bill Mollison, Masanobu Fukuoka, Dave Jacke, David Arora, Sally Fallon, Mark Shepard, and David R. Montgomery and the works of other inspired authors to as many people possible. In addition, we intend to increase the general knowledge surrounding the possibilities of working with fungi, and helping individuals create new knowledge in the field of mycology, agriculture, permaculture, health, medicine, and engineering, along with anything else that might pop up along the way. We hope you join us for the journey!

Founders and Partners

Kyle, LLC Member/Founder

Stacie, LLC Member/Founder